The Airy Side of Chemo...

I haven't mentioned it, have I? The burping.

Oh. My. God, the burping.

And, of course, the constant heartburn.

I've been popping Pepcid regularly, or a generic version of Pepcid, that has for the most part kept the heartburn in check. Until it comes on. And then, it comes on. Blargh. Anyhow, we ran into an MD friend of ours the other night, and he remarked that I was not my usual boisterous self. Half-jokingly I said to him, "heartburn." Seems that was a fortuitous comment because he recommended I take Prilosec daily and that would be much more effective. I took it on Friday night. This weekend I ate pizza, sushi, jalapenos, baked ziti, and wine. Not all at once, mind you. Gross. However, all of the above were ingested between Friday night and Sunday night. Today? NO HEARTBURN! The little things that make a difference...

Still, there's the burping.

One thing to realize is that I could always hold my own and burp with the best of them. Not that this is necessarily something to be proud of, but yeah, I could always burp. Now? Homer Simpson has competition. I have no idea what the hell it is about the chemo, but the burps that come out of my body, particularly after something carbonated... let's just say I've knocked a picture or two off the wall. I think I scared the dog once.

Actual conversation from this afternoon after seeing a commercial for Prilosec:

"Huh. I wonder if I remembered to take the pill this morning."
"Oh boy, you'd better get up and take it RIGHT now. You just had some of that baked ziti for lunch."
"I didn't have THAT much ziti, just a small cup."
"Hon, you just have to LOOK at the ziti before the burping will start..."

Think Prilosec might use me in their next ad campaign??


    hoooooooray Prilosec!!!!