Chairman Ma(y)o

For some reason I'm feeling strangely calm about this upcoming procedure. I suppose it's not *that* strange for me to be calm, other than the fact that I'm usually all worked up about a simple scan these days, but surgery? Feh. Bring it on.

Even after yesterday's phone call...

"Hi, this is Joe Shmo from Mayo Clinic somethingorotherdepartment. We're calling about your surgery on the 10th. Dr. Magrina came down with something this weekend and he'll be out all week and not able to perform your surgery on the 10th. Dr. Magtibay is available to take your case, so you can still keep the surgery on the 10th if you would like, or if you would prefer to wait for Dr. Magrina, he can do the surgery on the 18th."

HUH??? Ok, first of all, HUH?? The surgery was originally scheduled for the 18th, we changed it to the 10th, took the appropriate break from chemo, took appropriate days off of work, Greg took the appropriate days off of work but in the meanwhile, someone in scheduling at Mayo didn't get the message. After a verbal sparring match with the scheduler (who I hope I never have the fortune of meeting) and making sure it was indeed, on the 10th and confirming it with anyone with vocal chords last Thursday, Dr. Magrina is SICK???

"Uh, Dr. WHO? What's the situation?? Um...uh...oh boy..."
"Dr. Magtibay. He's the Chairman of the department and it's fortunate that he's free to perform your surgery as that's not always the case and we have no choice but to reschedule. It's up to you though."
"Um...uh... the 10th. Keep it. That's fine. Everyone has already taken the days off. The 10th it is."
"Ok, great. We'll see you then."

Well, I haven't met him, but apparently, he is the Grand Poobah. Or as he will now be known: Chairman Ma(y)o. Still, strangely not nervous.

I mentioned this to Greg this morning. His response?
"Well of course you are, you old hound dog. They're just going to be playing Wii on your belly..."
Um, no. They're going to be playing Wii IN my belly. Still? Strangely not nervous.

I've been successfully clearing off my plate of things to do here at work and taking care of various and sundry estimates, pay applications, and invoices that will be due in my absence. Dan asked me yesterday if I was writing my memoirs. I'm not sure if you'd call this a memoir, but I suppose it's something...

Now, how's this for the kindness of strangers... (well, not *strangers* per se, but from a place I didn't expect it) I just got a call from our Chief Estimator asking if I'd be in my office and if so, he'd be up in a minute. Ok, not too strange. I've been working on pricing for a handful of projects and figured there was something in either the bid items or scheduling to review. Anyhow, a couple of minutes later, all eight estimators come walking into my office with two cards and hugs, wishing me good luck on Thursday. Completely unexpected, and very much appreciated. Maybe at times I run around here, getting done what I need to get done, with my head down, and I don't realize that people actually do notice.

In other worlds, I'm feeling pretty good these days. It's as if somewhere along the line, potentially somewhere in Grand Canyon country, I started to come back to life. Maybe it's the 12 (count 'em, TWELVE) pounds of water I have now peed out.

Ridiculous, isn't it? 12 lbs is a LOT. Granted, I'm still over my preferred fighting weight - but I much prefer being 5-6 lbs over, than 18. GOD was that uncomfortable. I can see my ankles again, and my legs no longer touch when I stand in the shower. The little things that make one happy.

Now, how about this hair growing process...
I shaved my legs yesterday morning. I'm not entirely certain it was warranted, but the razor looked like it wanted to be used and the legs felt vaguely of stubble (unless it was my overactive imagination working). Anyhow, they are smooth now. Is it completely bizarre to wish they would be stubbly soon?

Tomorrow at this time I will be undergoing the MASTER CLEANSE...
Can't wait.


    master cleanse ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    but yay on everything else Jen. Seriously.

    You know my thoughts will be with you (but not during the master cleanse process, just the oompha loompaectomy and recovery and biopsied stuff part)

    Well, my thoughts will be with you DURING the MASTER CLEANSE because I have certainly been there and done, I will be picturing you gulping down the liquid stuff (I hope it's miralax and gatorade. If it's not, ask if you can use that - a much nicer, easier Master Cleanse), sitting on the john and thinking of ME!
    Just try to get that out of your mind.......HA!!!

    Honestly, you are in the thoughts and prayers of not only me but many, many, many people that you have never met.
    Know that you will have one of my angels standing at your shoulder and you keep that peaceful feeling.

    I love you!

    tee hee hee, I love my Chairman Mayo reference...

    and I love you. I will let Lisa stand in for the twins on the Master Cleanse part and I will just be here for the rest, ok?