Wide eyed

Many of these entries are written in my mind along the trails. Many entries written in my mind never make it past the trails and into words.

This morning I realized that it was one year ago that we left for our Mt. Whitney trip. I left work the day before and told my boss,

"I'm off to conquer the world - one step at a time..."

And, conquer the world, I did. One step at a time.

As we all know, I could write volumes about the Whitney experience. One day I'll start to formulate the thoughts into words. Meanwhile, I smiled, as we came off the trail and prepared to cross the street over to the greenbelt this morning, because I thought of a photograph that Greg took on the top. I thought it was silly at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I smiled because even though it's not the best photo it managed to capture a split second of wide-eyed innocence and invincibility on film. Two days after my second round of chemo. Nearly 15,000 miles on top of the world.

Eight months, many infusions, and one surgery later that same expression was captured on film again. He somehow manages to see it each time.

Then again, I think he sees it far more often than it happens to be captured on film.

Yet, there she is. In the Canyon.

Still conquering the world, one step at at time...

Still full of hope. Still the wide-eyed eternal optimist, even when she gets skeptical, angry, or frustrated.

Still grateful for the love of my life, in my life.

Still determined to always keep buying green bananas - no matter how many times the blender needs to be replaced.