CURE is a quarterly magazine that we had first picked up at Desert Oncology during a particularly long wait. They offer complimentary subscriptions to patients, survivors, and caregivers and we have found many of the articles to be interesting - and straightforward.

Back in early April, I got a wild hair and decided to make an attempt to take some these random ramblings and do something productive with them. Encouraged by a handful of suggestions and one particularly pushy... er... enthusiastic friend (thank you, Bella) that I should make something more of some of these writings, I submitted a handful of entries to a couple of magazines, including CURE.

After not hearing anything for months, I received an email from CURE that they wanted to include my submission in their Fall issue. In disbelief, I signed their contract, sent it back, and not long after, received my small (but IMPORTANT!) check in the mail. Sure, I should have framed it, but I chose to do the boring thing with it, and stuff it in the bank. I didn't mention this to too many people - I'm not quite sure why - perhaps I wanted to see it in print to make sure it was reality.

We haven't received the hard copy yet, although I'm certain it's on its way - but the issue went live online today.

My First Byline!

First, perhaps only, but either way, pretty cool stuff...


    Well look at you.......that's a great idea! Congrats!

    (I've never seen the magazine, but I've signed up for it now! So thanks for that!)

    Jen, Congratulations on your first byline. It's so exciting to see you in print. Great Job!!
    Love, Uncle Steve/Aunt Bev

    Oh my gosh, congrats!!! =D **HUGS!!**