Grand Canyon winter
Inhale the cool mountain air
Exhale the demon

Each scan will bring a new reason for wanting it to be clean. Whether it be the first one, or the second one, or the Canyon or the next anniversary - there really will never be a "better" time than another for it to come back less than flawless.

Meanwhile, I can't still spend time living from scan to scan. Imagine what I'd miss in the meanwhile.

Sometimes I feel as though I did too good of a job breaking out of the fortress that I had built around myself. I think that sometimes, in some ways I've turned into what a friend referred to as the fragile flower, when speaking of her own experiences. The hearty, vibrant bloom with an exterior that betrays the fact that inside - ironically, in what's called the "ovary" - are pieces that need to be treated gently and with extra care. Most times, I feel that it would best suit me to find the middle ground between the glimpses of fragility and re-growing some of that elephant's hide.

The rest of the time, I just keep going, living, loving, breathing.
It's still what I do.

Miracle patient
Love hope strength treatment believe
Continue to thrive