Scenes from the bathroom:

Yesterday morning after getting ready for work which includes straightening my hair daily, I walk out into the kitchen where smoothie making is in progress and must have had a troubled expression on my face:
"What's wrong?"
"Can I ask, will you humor me with something this week and maybe (sniff sniff) go to the (sniff sniff) wig store (enter tears) with me?"
"Ohhh... lots falling out today?"
"I don't know (sniff sniff) if that's what I want (sniff sniff) a wig (tear) but I know you'll tell me (sniff sniff) if I look absolutely ridiculous (sniff sniff giggle)."

And then there is my hair drying routine. Since I haven't had the chance to get to the gym often, I've wanted to keep my arms in shape. I've perfected the art of doing bicep, tricep, and shoulder exercises while alternating hands with the hair dryer. This is my hand weight of choice:
Apparently, the Costco-sized bottle weighs about 3.5 lbs. The problem is, I need a bigger bottle of scope now. Suppose I should find out where I put those hand weights...

Then, this morning:

(Me, in the bathroom doing my hair)"Uh oh. Huh. Oh boy."
(Greg, from the office, who can't see me from where he is) "What's the matter?"
"Huh. More dumb ones. I can't tell if it's more or less than yesterday."
"Well, like I told you, we don't want the dumb hairs. WHO NEEDS the dumb hairs anyhow? If they don't know enough to stick around and fight, WE DON'T WANT 'EM! Dumb, I tell you. The dumbest of all hairs. We just want the fighters."
(giggle) "What if I want them all?"
"I tell you, we don't want 'em. (I've now walked into the office) What are you talking about, Aunt Bea? You still have a full head there. (shaking his head) Dumb hairs. Who needs 'em. Anyhow, didn't you just shave your legs this morning?"


    So that's what I'm supposed to do with the 60 gallons of mouthwash from Costco.

    They are the dumb ones... and if they are joined by more dumb ones, well, then 'eh.' I am sorry you are witnessing the dumb ones falling out... and I hope the fighters stay one. But if they don't, then so be it. Hugs to you!

    Who is that man and what have you done with my brother Greg? :)

    You both continue to inspire me with the way you choose to value the truly improtant things in your relationship. We should all be so lucky.

    dumb hairs are no good.. i'm telling ya.. the 2nd time they are MUCH smarter! Wigs are itchy and hot.. get a henna tattoo instead!

    Have I told you how great I think Greg Hoffmann is lately?

    Heeee'sssssss GREEEEEAAAATTTTT!!!!
    (and so are you!)