And... we're off...

One zap down, nine more to go...

Yesterday should have been the first round, but wouldn't you know it, I ended up with some weird-ass bite or blemish or something that I aggravated on the side of my neck and long story short... cellulitis. So, by the time we went in to see Dr. Rads, he felt that it was more important to get me on immediate antibiotics to treat the goiter (not really) on my neck before starting the radiation. So, after forming the face mask for the radiation, which consisted of something that leaves honeycomb-like marks on my face and keeps me attached the the table during treatment, he sent me off with a prescription for Keflex that could treat a horse and explicit instructions that if the infection gets worse, more swollen, or if I have a change in body temperature, to admit myself to the ER.

After an uneventful night, five antibiotic pills, and about half a dozen temperature takings later, I found myself alive, well, having avoided the ER, and back in Dr. Rads' office where he seemed to be pleased with the progress of the infection. (Not without the explicit instruction to make sure and keep an eye on it or else.)

So, to treatment I went. They let Greg come back and observe this time - which I have to believe was a bit reassuring as he'd have an image in his mind of exactly what I'd be receiving on a daily basis. They hooked me up to the table, did some simulations to make sure I was lined up correctly, and a few minutes, a handful of beeps and buzzes and flashes later, they told me I was free to go. Apparently, from Greg's vantage point, it looked like something out of a science fiction movie. It felt a bit like something from a science fiction movie, but as I heard the noises and the subtle changes in shading from behind my closed eyes, I willed with all my being those rays to zap me. To heal me. To kill whatever was inside. To wipe out the lesions and let me continue our dance.

I was off the table in about 15 minutes, and have been told that subsequent treatments will be even shorter, since they had to do the simulation this time. So far, compared to chemo, this is a walk in the park...

As Greg said, I've never been a very good host to things of this nature that aren't supposed to be there... it's time to continue with annihilating this beast. It's got nowhere to hide now...

Gloves laced tightly... love in my life... holidays approaching... I've got too much living to do.

Play ball.


    And out of the ballpark sista!

    an artist friend of mine who has had cancer, told me this for/about you:

    "i thought of her last night. and i passed an imaginary green beam through her like a photocopier that went from her toes up to her head zapping any stray cells that are in her. which is something i used to do for myself back in the day."

    we're all zapping those cells away with you Jen!

    Yay on one down!

    WOW! Great minds think alike! Perhaps this is showing my age, but when I was getting zapped I would lay there and imagine a giant Pac-man chomping it's way thru me, gobbling up any bad cells in its way.......and I have been doing the same for you every day at noon your time - I love you and I know you are going to get past this and back to NED. NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION!!!!

    Hey gorgeous... the big guy gave me the headsup at the APWA Mixer tonight. I'm here and just around the corner if you guys need ANYthing. :)

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