Four down...

Six more to go.
Kicking ass and taking names so far...
I'm feeling strong, feeling good... feeling like I can take on the world.
Not feeling anything too unusual, safe for the annoying goiter that is now molting and probably causing me more strife than the damn radiation.

I've decided that it's a stylish time of year for neck wraps (whatever works).
Food tastes like food, my body feels mostly like my body, and aside from a bit of jittery-ness that I might be occassionally experiencing from these steroids, all seems to be going along smoothly.

The temperature in my office feels good right now - I am loving the new soft blanket on the bed, even though the dog has apparently taken quite a liking to it, too - and the crisp air feels great in the morning on our walks. There was another shooting star this morning...

Today, behind the mask, I was on the Mogollon Rim with Greg and the puppies... swaying in his arms as the campfire crackled, listening to music, feeling the wind on our faces and the heat from the fire. Willing the radiation beams to work their magic and healing.

And now, for a weekend off, and life to look forward to.


    i love this song!!! who is it?

    OMG- fantastic song... I love you. Enjoy your weekend off from the zaps and before you know it they will be over and IT will be GONE!

    Hey Jen!

    Sounds like its going well!, keep it up! Just remember its always gonna be something trying to break us down, but we just keep moving forward, its a Wallach tradition!
    You guys are in Staci, Max, And My thoughts each day, and we love you! I hope we can get to see you guys soon, someone ;) needs to meet you!

    We Love You,and think of you often!