Inscanity has taken a break for a while...

Monday we picked up the results of the PET scan I had last Thursday. It was a mess. All sorts of hypermetabolic activity in the lungs and such. The thing is, Dr. Cavalcant had signed off on it, and knowing him, he wouldn't have given us the report without talking to us first if it was bad news.

So we hoped.

Reading the scan report (because of course we are self-proclaimed medical professionals) we came to the conclusion that all the lung and related junk was DEFINITELY pneumonia-related. The report even made reference to something along the lines of infectious disease or something. There were a couple of lymph nodes in the upper abdominal area with slight metabolic uptake, but it was most likely due to the infection. I had a feeling this scan would be screwy due to the pneumonia. But of course, we didn't know for certain.

Now we do. He was thrilled with the scan, all the major organs are clean, and he felt the other stuff, including the lymph nodes was pneumonia-related! Damn pneumonia. Then again, in this case it's a wonderful thing, because it's nearly gone, and NOT cancer. We've had quite enough of that, thank you.

So, the scans are done. And, I gained a pound this week! (Which sounds like a ridiculous thing for ME to be happy about, but I got a little scrawny during the pneumonia process.) The Herceptin continues, because by God, it's WORKING - and I continue to go about the business of living, loving, and growing hair.

There are worse things...
Life is good.


    thank God thank God thank God.

    : )


    here, a rainbow for you Voo:

    YEA!!See you soon!!!! Love Ya!!

    SUPER!! Once again you are a winner!! We love you!!


    What wonderful news!!!! Live, laugh, love.......

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