Small update bearing good news...

Good news, they say, comes in threes. I'm not sure if that's exactly true, but we have three good things today.

1. The veins cooperated. Thank God. Or Buddah. Or whomever is listening. My brother told me that when he was in China for business last week he asked a Buddhist monk to pray for me, and made a donation to the Breast Cancer Awareness display set up at a coffee shop there. I've always been a fan of eastern religion and the Buddhist beliefs. One stick today and we were outta there! Well, after about 1/2 hour of waiting and 2 hours of infusing... small details.

2. The doctor had ordered another CA-125 test, as well as about 3 other tumor marker tests with my bloodwork this week. The CA-125 was down to 236 from last month's 465 and the initial 536 back in July. Something's working damnit...Oh, wait. I probably shouldn't have damned anything...

By the way, the other tests were normal...

3. We're finally feeling mostly better after spending the majority of our San Francisco leg of the vacation in bed at the hotel with aches, pains, chills, fever, no appetite in a city with amazing food, and general malaise. Nice, right? After two days, three trips to Walgreen's, a Red Sox World Series win (which of course, made things MUCH more bearable), and finally, a bowl of steaming hot Thai soup from the King of Thai Noodle House on Monday night, we were back amongst the living. Just in time for our flight on Tuesday. We still had fun though. I guess even sickness with good company isn't so bad after all. However, we're definately in better shape to bear one day of work and then walk 60 miles, starting Friday morning.

Simply a day in the life, right?

Life is good today.

Symbolically celebrated by my currently wearing the bottom half of today's Wednesday treat.



    On October 31, 2007 at 6:56 PM Anonymous said...

    So glad your numbers are dropping...I think of you often, and always hope you are doing well...Please know that someone here in GA knows that you are going to win this fight, I have complete faith in you!...Much love...

    THRILLED with the CA 125 results. YAY... will be with you in spirit this weekend. Hugs, kisses and lots of leg massages wished your way!

    WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! on the CA125! Down is the way to go!!!

    I too will be with you in spirit, Quiet Thunder....every step of the way.
    Much love to you & that amazing hubby of yours!


    Glad to hear the veins and the CA markers are cooperating! **HUGS!!**

    Very cool on the numbers dropping!

    Does being sick on your trip mean you have an excuse to go again?

    good thing I didn't make plans to visit with you sickies! phew!

    ; )

    sooo happy about your markers, but then again, we knew that was going to be the case all along.