Soon enough my autograph will be worth something...

Ok, maybe not. Add to that the fact that typically autographs are worth more once the signer has left this earth, and I'm perfectly content to have my signature worth no more than the paper it's signed on.

However... we did make the news again! Cori from the Ahwatukee Foothills News did a very nice piece on us - except for the fact that we were married in New Mexico, and not in California... maybe she had beachfront property on her mind. In any case - whoot- there it is.

Race for the Cure was this past Sunday. All things considered, it wasn't a bad race. Honestly, I wasn't feeling great. I couldn't get my breathing right, and my leg was really aching for some reason - probably psychosomatic race nerves - and I wasn't feeling nearly as strong as I would have hoped. However, let's get to the "all things considered" part. According to Greg's Garmin, the time was 24:36. Not my favorite, yet a bit faster than last year, and not too shabby when you factor in 11 weeks of chemo. Besides, I've been instructed (and rightfully so) that this is the one day that I can't complain about my time.

Another year of nerves, jitters, dreams, expectations behind us... on to the half-marathon.

P.S. I know I've been remiss at posting photos for the "As the Hair Grows" serial. This week for sure... it's gettin' fuzzy up there.


    What a great article, Jen! Very uplifting, very real, very you......

    so dude, what was your team's final numbers??? (maybe i should read the article before asking...)

    Great article, Jen!

    Hey there,
    I found you through your comment on Minerva's blog. I have liver mets, too. I finished treatment in September 2006 and found out I was metastatic two months later. Like you, though I am absolutely refusing to give in to the statistics.
    And it's working, in November, I had "innumerable tumours on my liver", by late June they could find no evidence at all of cancer.
    Chemo continues (Herceptin and vinorelbine) but I am enormously hopeful and life is good.
    Gloves laced up indeed.
    Thank for writing such a great blog.

    Once again I must say the words "you are an amazing woman Jen"