I came across this quote in an article today. Ironically, it was just after returning from a glance at the mirror in the bathroom in which I noticed that my small hair is looking a bit wild these days.

In Margaret Cho’s “Beautiful” tour, she talks about recently being on a radio show and having the host ask her point-blank, live, on the air, “What if you woke up one day, and you were beautiful?” When asked, he defined beautiful as blonde, thin, large-breasted, a porno stereotype. Cho says, “Just think of what life is like for this poor guy. There’s beauty all around him in the world, and he can only see the most narrow definition of it."

In other worlds, Doug Davis pitched for the Diamondbacks last night. Although at times he's been a typically hard pitcher to watch, and his games tend to be longer than usual (which it was, but not due to Davis), I found myself getting a bit choked up as he walked off the field last night. I realize that thyroid cancer is very treatable, and has even been hailed as curable, but it's still cancer, nonetheless. There has been much debate about whether Bob Melvin should have let him have the two starts before his time off for surgery and whether it would have been better to let some of the younger pitchers start. Whether the decision was made from purely a best-for-the-team perspective as the younger guys still have some kinks to work out and experience to gain in AAA, or if some element of compassion entered the equation, I was still glad to see him out there. Out there, and pitching his heart out. Godspeed, Doug Davis. You'll be just fine...