LIVE from Desert Oncology... it's HERCEPTIN DAY!

Today we bring you a special report, LIVE from Desert Oncology. The commute was fairly uneventful, although 101L is backed up due to the construction of the new HOV lanes (or whatever is screwing up the traffic today). Today our guest stars include Andrea the Survivor, who is almost done with Herceptin and getting married in three weeks, and the one and only Stan, who we hope is doing better than last time. Stay tuned... we break for a commercial interruption brought to you by a chatty waiting room lady...

All plugged in and running...

The typing is excruciatingly slow this way though, as the IV halfway up my right arm has rendered that typing hand fairly useless. Oh well, special reports often include extenuating circumstances. So, the doc visit was uneventful, as anticipated. No news is good news, and I think I hear Stan approaching. Meanwhile, the doc chatted with me earlier about our Grand Canyon hike and told me that I was an inspiration and was getting him pumped up about hiking in the Superstitions while the wildflowers are still blooming. He asked if I had any questions and told me, as I suspected that it was time to SCHEDULE a scan, for about 2 1/2 weeks from now, and that he'd see me in 3 weeks with the results and the next Herceptin treatment. So, OK. A couple more weeks of ignorant bliss, followed what is sure to be cause for celebration. Right???

It was a one-stick day, with a beautifully cooperative vein. Thanks, Brenda Lee!

The Benadryl drip just started beeping. Time to change the bag and settle in for a long winter's nap. Or something like that. Andrea is already asleep. And here I am, no worse for the wear, and maybe not du...Benadryl brain. I just completely lost my train of thought. My blood pressure was a little high (for me), my blood counts were pretty good, even though, strangely, my WBC was a little low, and while I'm still a tiny girl in a big world, I choose to own it, today.

Back home on the couch and none worse for the wear, and I didn't even get to the newspaper or the book. It's a beautiful day outside, my Red Sox are on TV, and I'm going to lay here and do nothing for a while - like he always tells me to. It's not often that I listen, you know, but every now and then...


    glad the day went ok for you.

    fingers crossed for all good stuff at your next scan.