Here. They. COME!

I leaned in as closely as I could to the mirror, turning my head so I didn't bump my nose into the glass again, but I needed a better look. I saw something there. Something that might not have been there before. Could it be? OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD, it WAS! The following conversation ensued...

"LOOK! LOOK! An EYELASH!!! Do you see it? Do you see it?? Right THERE, on the bottom right!"

"Um... honey, I see something. I can't really tell what it is."

(jamming my face back as close to the mirror as possible and wiping my eyes repeatedly to make sure whatever I see isn't actually dirt)
"What do you mean you don't know what it is. It's an EYELASH!!! They're coming! They're coming!"

"That's good, sweetie. An eyelash."(looking at me as if I've lost my mind)

"But you don't underSTAND!! Once one comes, there will be more. MORE EYELASHES! They're finally COMING!"

(racing back to the mirror and bumping my nose again, but making sure I am as close as possible) "Ohmygodohmygod there's ANOTHER ONE! Look, look, there's one on the top right, too! And wait! THERE'S ONE ON THE LEFT!!! They're coming, I tell you, they're COMING!!"

"Uh, huh... that's really great. Miso, Nala, your Jen's eyelashes are coming..."

Scene change to two dogs curled up in very small balls on the bed. Totally uninterested. Oh well. I bet they'd be more interested if my eyelashes (all THREE of them) smelled like peanut butter. All I know is that this morning, I spied three very small beginnings of what appears to be eyelashes. Stay tuned, this could get exciting...


    i demand photos!! ; )

    OMG! I so totally understand the excitement....all I ever lost were my eyelashes and it traumatized me I tell ya....I wanted to throw a party when they came back!!!

    (I'd kinda like photos too :)

    OMGOMGOMGOMG... Where three sprout,*gasp!* other hairs will be sure to follow. I don't just want photos. I think we should have a webcam :)